Snowgrass Flats in the Goat Rocks Wilderness

Snowgrass Flats in the Goat Rocks Wilderness


Stunning panoramas greet you from all directions in this alpine highland. Encircled by broken rock walls, the meadows are fed pure and clear water in countless streams. Carpets of wildflowers compose new artistic creations around every bend in the trail. August is a perfect time to head higher into the hills. The wrinkled volcanic remnants form deep valleys lush with green and colored life.



Marmots own the rock slides. Their three-tone fur gives them perfect camouflage until they signal you with a high whistle-like scream.


Mount Adams holds the southern horizon, toward which rolls the cold waters of Goat Creek melting in its lake bowl a thousand feet above. Highly recommended as a jewel of the Washington Cascades.







100_1770Good for a day hike, or camp at the top in one of several cute primitive campsites.







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